If time is getting short and you need to come up with party favors or "just a little something" to use a Valentine's Day gifts, then head to your local dollar store (or Walgreens) for a few simple items and a couple of bags of individually wrapped candies. Use these to make colorful party favors, place settings, or tokens of your appreciation for the hard work of your staff.Since not all dollar stores will have the same items, here is what you are looking for: small baskets, cups, buckets, drinking cups, or any other fairly small container that will hold a handful of candies. Dollar stores very often have packages of little plastic buckets, small containers (paper or plastic), or baskets (wicker, wire mesh, or plastic) that are specific to the season, holiday, or event. As shown in the example (see link at the end of this article), I found red plastic buckets with red and pink hearts. Walgreens very often has 4oz plastic drinking glasses (be sure to check the Sunday paper for a coupon and get them 4 or 8 for $1) or small baskets for the current holiday.Purchase a couple of bags of individually wrapped candies, or if you would rather not use candy, then buy votive candles, or any other small item (such as travel size bottles and containers) that will fit into whatever it is you will be using as a container. Colored tissue paper and curl ribbon will finish off the party favor or gift.Depending on the container and what will be put inside, you can either put small pieces of tissue paper in the container or use the tissue to loosely wrap around the candy or gift item. Place the items into the container. Use several lengths of curl ribbon (either all the same color or one length of many different colors used together) to tie around the handle or the top of the container. Use the flat edge of a scissor blade to curl the ribbon.These little gifts go together quickly and often cost less than $1 each (by buying the items at a dollar store or using Walgreens coupons). This is an idea that you can easily adapt to any other holiday, party theme, or just as a quick gift for a friend. I like to keep items such as these on hand, in a variety of sizes, colors, and holiday-specific items.