Google adsense is a money generating tool if used smartly. Google adsense is a type of advertising opportunity offered by Google through which you can earn some money only if you own a website or a blog. 'Google ad sense' are the third party ads, 'ads by Google' which you can place on your website or blog.
Goggle adsense is of two types: 'content adsense' and 'search engine adsense'. In the content adsense, small ads labeled as 'ads by Google' with appear on the side of the page. You get paid when your site visitor clicks on any of those ads. In 'search engine adsense', Google search engine will appear on your site. If your site visitor conducts a search using that and then clicks on any of the sponsored adsense ad which appears in the search results, you get paid for that click.
Procedure for using Google adsense:1. You can sign up for free by visiting:
2. Check up with their program policies. If it is compatible with you then fill their online form. Check your e-mail, as you will be asked to confirm your e-mail address. Within 2-3 days you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.
3. Then you can log in your account in order to obtain an HTML code generated for you by Google adsense.
4. Put this code on your website. This code will generate ads on your site which will be labeled as 'ads by Google' or a Google search engine or both depending on the option you have chosen while filling the form
5. You can choose the type of ads you want to display on your website to certain extent. For e.g.: You can prevent your competitor's ads from appearing on your site by setting up filters.
6. You can customize the appearance of the ads so that it matches your site by changing the background color, font size and type etc. So if you currently own a blog or a website Google ad sense is a good way to earn some revenue. Google matches the keywords of your site with the keywords appearing in the sponsored ads. It then places the ads matching with the content of your site. Thus the visitors on your site act as a highly targeted audience for these ads. These are the very group of people who would be interested in these ads. Every time an 'ad by Google' is clicked by a visitor on your site, you earn a commission. The amount of commission you earn per click can vary from 0.05$ to 30 $ a click. Thus everyone benefits. The website owner who has put up these ads earns money as the visitors on his site click these ads. The websites whose ads are clicked obtain more traffic. Google earns money through the bids placed by advertisers for placing these ads.
The disadvantage of using Google adsense on your site is that when your visitors click on Google adsense ads, the ad does not open in a separate window, the ad opens in the same window. Thus you lose your visitors. Your visitors land on some other site. However Google compensates for this by paying you a little commission.
Goggle has technology to detect click fraud, thus do not even attempt to cheat on goggle adsense by clicking your own ads or asking your friends to do it.
The revenue you earn from ad sense ads depends on depends on the following things:
1. How much traffic your site is getting: With a large traffic you can get a lot of clicks and thus can generate few hundred dollars per day. Thus in order to increase your earnings from Google, increase the traffic on your site
2. How well optimized is your site: It your site is well optimized i.e. if the keywords you have used in your site exactly match with the contents of the ads placed on your site, the ads placed on your site are sure to get a large number of clicks. For e.g.: Imagine a situation in which you sell flowers on your site and you have used the keywords as flowers and butterfly while optimizing your site. When you place Google adwords, ads dealing with butterflies may also appear on your site. People visiting your site are interested in buying flowers and not butterflies. Thus it is unlikely that they are going to click the ads dealing with butterflies. Thus in this case since your site is not well optimized, you don't get many clicks. You can learn about tips for optimizing your site from the Google adsense site.
3. How much money the advertisers are paying Google for particular key words: There are certain key words which are very hot and competitive. They will earn you a lot of money.
4. What is your website theme: Does your website pertain to hot keywords which are heavily bided for. Use the site to find the keywords in demand.
5. How sticky is your website: If your website is able to keep visitors stay on it for a long time there are more chances that the visitors will notice your ads and will click on it. Make your site informative and content rich, so that more people visit your site and people stay on it longer