Hi, I want to give you some ideas where you can earn additional revenue from sharing videos, post blogs, etc. Seems that revenue share is a new trend online - as a business model applied to forums, blogs, news, and video communities.Mostly, this is applied in a combination with Google AdSense contextual advertising. Main idea is simple - all advertising revenue from site is splits between owners and active community members. So where are the opportunities for sharers:Of course, here, at Flixya - you get 100% of ad revenue - this is the best! SenserelyIt's a blog community where you can get 50-80% of ads displaying at your posts.AdSensiggIt's a Digg like site where you can post interesting news you find online and want to share with others. TheVideoSenseSite where you can share videos from YouTube and GoogleVideo. The'll give you 50% revenue for sharing.Magnify.netVery impressive videocontent aggregator site. You can select and collect videos from bunch of sites (VideoYahoo, VideoGoogle, Dailymotion, Metacafe, YouTube, Blink, Revver). They split 50% of ad revenue with videochannel creators, also they give you 20% of Revver ad revenue. RevverVideosite that pays 20% of ad-click revenue if you share their videos, also they pay 40% of ad-click revenue to video creators.InfectiousVideosYou can share videos from lot of videohosters and get 50% of ad income.This sites I use, of course there's more sites and if you find some, let me know.